I love coaching because I get to teach my clients

How to be Free.

The freedom that unlocks our unknown abilities, our maximum potential — this is what coaching scratches at.

chapter 1

I think it’s so amazing that I get to teach people how to optimize that freedom and then capitalize even further on it.

Because ultimately, it is freedom that enables creativity.

chapter 2

Both these statements are true:
1. You are the creative vessel for the universe
2. The universe is the creation of your own mind

Chapter 3

Because you are the creation of the universe, you can teach your hands to create the same. 

In fact, I believe there is no other point to your time than to teach your hands to do so.

Chapter 4

This is where I, as a coach, am of the most service to others.

I help you awaken to the 3 Vs: your vision, your  values, and your voice — what I define as the keys of creativity.

Chapter 5

I help my clients use these keys to unshackle themselves from victimhood and unlock the victory they’ve been craving their entire lives.

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