I love coaching because I get to teach my clients

How to be Free.

The freedom that unlocks our unknown abilities, our maximum potential — this is what coaching scratches at.

chapter 1: ALOHA

Being born and raised in Hilo, Hawaii allowed me to experience and thrive in a diverse community with many socio-economic issues. While our community had no issue flourishing creativity, beauty and loving gestures from the towns many cultures- living in a tropical paradise could not alleviate the many's struggles with poverty, addiction, and abuse.

Even though Hawaii isn't a place of great wealth, or health- it has always been a place of great love. I consider my community members willingness to give or receive aloha and embrace for even more as one of my greatest privileges.

Ultimately, my home taught me that love and aloha aren't what you get from life, they are what you give to it.

chapter 2: AUTONOMY

Early on in life, being the son of a recovering alcoholic carpenter, and depressed health teacher gave me lots of clues on how to avoid much of the suffering I saw others experience. While my loving community was far from trauma free (abuse, divorce, addiction, poverty, death, etc.) they helped develop my big picture life view with learning and teaching, making and doing as necessary details for my life's master work.

Once I discovered the benefits of focusing my efforts towards learning and mastering the things that drive my mental and physical health, my values for life and long term happiness became more clear.


Figuring out my relationship to health and learning resulted in losing 40lbs of unintended identity. My new relationship with food was no longer fed by emotional, environmental or cultural training. Transforming my eating and consuming habits from "want", "desire", and "craving" triggered; required I initially plan and manage an eating schedule designed for the energy demands of my daily, weekly and monthly performance goals.

Finding this authentic place of optimum mental and physical health, stress performance, meaning and satisfying life reward requires I continuely offer up what I've been shown as cultural good for what helps me personally grow.

Chapter 4: ADVENTURE

With a clear vision of what I could be, I set out exploring my interests, desired skills, and life ambitions. From youthful adrenaline chasing like motocross and car racing, to more meaningful pursuits like mental health treatment and K12 education. I eventually found the personal molding and meaning I was looking for when I joined the military, and got married instead of shipping off to war. When I doubled my commitment to family with fatherhood, I realized my fight in life wasn't abroad but at home being the best father and teammate I could. Whether training for war, daytrading, to at-home daddyism, or corporate servitude, to coaching and consultancy freedom- I've found the most reward and adventure exercising my ability to explore and refine my skill-less desire into a disciplined strategy for meaningful learning, improved health, and growing life satisfaction.


Facing the same hurdles of fear and laziness mankind has faced for eons required I follow my inner voice toward disciplined expressions of freedom, health, and creative fascination. While the path to my dreams hasn't always been clear, navigating it successfully for consistent, sustainable achievement required the creation and mastery of my own personal leadership framework. This framework led me to the awareness that my greatest service and opportunity in life comes from supporting others with embodying their dreams of a meaningful and fulfilling life. While my framework isn't rocket science, it has proven client after client to deliver the necessary fuel to develop mindset, strategies and practices that will define, clarify and launch your dreams into reality.

If your looking to shift from victimhood to victory, and permanently overcome fear and laziness for good, Connect with me today!